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What Goes On Inside Women’s Fitness Centers

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What All Women’s Fitness Centers Should Include

Being an all- women’s fitness center, the manager should tailor all of the clubs’ equipment, services, and memberships around women. For example, women’s fitness centers should include a nursery or baby-sitting service. Most women are the primary caretakers of their children throughout the day. Although this roll in a woman’s life has been changing over the years, many women still fulfill all of the tasks of a super-mom: go to work, pick up the kids, run errands, drop off the kids, cook, clean…and the list goes on. Therefore, exercising should be “me” time: taking the time to relax without any worries and do activities that are enjoyable and beneficial for ME. Why pay a babysitter to watch your kids when you can bring them to the gym with you? It’s quick, easy, reliable, and inexpensive!

Women’s Fitness Centers Take Pride in Their Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness! A workout craze that has been popular since the 80s and is not going away anytime soon. No matter what class it is- mind/body, weights, cardio, intervals- you name it, women’s fitness includes them all, and they are all packed at peak hours of the day. Women love their classes, so women’s fitness centers focus on providing their members with the best classes and the best instructors. Staying on top of the newest trends like Zumba and high-intensity interval training is what women’s fitness is all about, so if you’re looking for the hottest new class, be sure to visit a women-only gym in your area!

Women-Only Gyms Have Services

Besides group fitness and nursery, members of women’s fitness centers like saunas, cardio equipment, and weights. Cardio equipment is very important in women’s fitness centers. Cardio machines, such as a treadmill or elliptical, are used for a warm-up, cool down, or an extra calorie burn before going home. Sometimes these machines are used for social hour or sometimes for athletic training purposes. Other types of cardio, like stationary bikes, are used for rehab purposes. Other important services of women’s fitness are nutritional coaching, personal or group training, and equipment demos.

What Benefits You Receive from Joining a Women’s Fitness Center

Simply by stepping through the door and joining a women’s fitness center, you have a greater chance of achieving the results and goals that you want. You will automatically feel more comfortable in an all-women’s gym. You are not surrounded by men looking at you, making noises, or judging you. What you are surrounded by are women who are there for the same reasons as you: to workout, sweat, relieve stress, relax, and achieve their goals, whether their goals are to gain muscle, lose weight, or become healthier. Also, chances are this women-only fitness center is smaller than most coed gyms. This means that you’ll get better service and help when you need it, and you’ll be in a more friendly environment. Women fitness centers are centered on service because women need and want guidance. You will most likely receive a fitness assessment, tour of the club, and equipment demo in an all-women’s gym. You’ll have access to everything while you’re working out next to someone else who wants results, not a quick look at a good-looking 25 year old stud. As Shari Whitley, the owner of women’s fitness centers in Chicago called Women’s Workout World states, “we’re not in the business of selling health club memberships; we’re in the business of service and results.” This statement perfectly sums up the world of women’s fitness- a world focused on results: looking good and feeling great!

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The top fitness trends

Strength training is a top fitness trend for 2010.

One of the top fitness trends to look for in 2010 is strength training according to a survey administered by the American Council of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Released in the November/December issue of ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal® the survey, now in its fourth year, was distributed to ACSM certified health and fitness professionals worldwide and was designed to reveal trends in various fitness environments.

Strength training jumps to number two among trends from #4 last year, as it was previously viewed as a training method only for male body builders. Recent studies have revealed the many benefits of strength training and as a result more average exercisers and women are realizing its importance for healthy bones, muscles and aging.

Check out a strength training class at your gym to get familiar with proper form and start building lean muscle mass.

The top trend to look out for however belongs to educated and experienced fitness professionals. This comes as the number of specialty certifications and educational programs has skyrocketed in recent years. If you are looking to hire a personal trainer at your gym, do your research before hand and see what some of the requirements are. The best certifications among industry insiders are ACSM and NASM. Although many others are very good, they offer little to no actual training experience so make sure your trainer has some years under their belt working with clients.

Jillian Michaels, for example, does not have either of these certs. Obviously she is a trainer who knows how to get results but ask a fitness professional about Jillian and they will probably roll their eyes.

Also, gyms like Bally's and Boston Sports Club do hire trainers with little experience. Some of the industry's best trainers have to start somewhere so if you are a relatively healthy individual don't worry so much. If you are over the age of 45, have any pre existing metabolic conditions like Diabetes or are recovering from an injury, make sure your trainer knows their stuff.

Lead author of the survey, Walter Thompson, Ph.D., FACSM,, says the 2010 predicted trends reflect consumer intelligence.

"Consumers are more conscious of their finances than ever," he said. "If they're going to work with a fitness professional to improve their health, they're going to do their homework and find someone who's educated, experienced and certified by a reputable organization such as ACSM."

An interesting trend that is missing from the top 10 for the second year in a row is yoga, even after studies this past year revealed it had weight loss and stress reducing effects. For 2010, it is listed as number 14. Other losers include balance training and the stability ball.

Other trends in the top ten for children and obesity, special fitness programs for older adults, personal training, core training, functional fitness, Pilates, Sport-specific training and group-personal training.

Get a full list of trends 2010 fitness trends here.

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Simple Principles for Total Fitness Training

Fitness Training Made Simple was started with one purpose - to be a trusted resource dedicated to providing simple yet effective strategies for fitness success. Learn how to achieve fitness training attractive female athlete the body of your dreams by making simple changes in behavior and using a positive mind-set to create a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and a flexible approach to healthy eating.

The Fitness Training Challenge...

My years in the health and fitness industry have opened my eyes to the frustrations many people experience when trying to build a lean, healthy body.

All these factors make it increasingly difficult to know what's legit and what's not. What works and what doesn't. In reality, many fitness and diet programs are formulated on fact and do contain a point of truth. Trouble is, they come up short because they focus on only one brick in a much larger wall.

Shedding fat, building muscle and creating a healthy body requires attention to several factors including physical, mental, emotional and social. The big picture of how these pieces work together for people in real life is missed by most fitness training programs and information.

In contrast, Fitness Training Made Simple was started with the core belief that what people really need is a solution rooted in science yet based on principles so simple you will no longer have to ask, "Will this work for me?" and instead say "I can do this!"

The Fitness Training Made Simple Solution

I used to believe that maximizing fitness results required a customized and sophisticated fitness plan coupled with a diet based on strict numbers. Ultimately, I've learned that what most people really need to succeed in blasting fat and building muscle are some simple fitness training bicep curl in mirror changes to their behavior and the proper mind-set.

This means that changing your body will require a change to your thinking and belief systems. This is the key to developing long-lasting positive habits which lead to lasting results.

After all, if what you're doing right now isn't working then something has to change, right?

I've also found that in order to achieve the body they've always wanted people don't need to understand every mechanism. They simply need to be provided with the necessary action steps.

You don't need to understand your car's engine to start it, you only need to know how to turn the key.

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The top six women bodybuilders over 55 kg

The top six women bodybuilders over 55 kg (from L to R): Andrea DECKER (6th place); Alevtina GOROSHINSKAYA (4th place); Larissa CUNHA (2nd place); Elena SHPORTUN (1st place); Simone LINAY (3rd place) and Alina CEPURNIENE (5th place).

The 2007 IFBB world women’s bodybuilding over 55 kg champion Elena SHPORTUN (Russia).
The 2007 IFBB world women’s bodybuilding overall champion Elena SHPORTUN (Russia) congratulated by the IFBB President Dr. Rafael SANTONJA (right) and the IFBB Vice-President for Asia Datuk Paul CHUA (left).

The top six women body fitness up to 158 cm competitors (from L to R): Marisa LOPEZ (6th place); Martina TARKOVA (4th place); Anna RASPUTNYAK (1st place); Natalia REVAJOVA - LENARTOVA (2nd place); Yolanda ESTESO (3rd place) and Agnese RUSSO (5th place).